Pre-integrated Skin BRDF Texture in Colorspace

It is the article of pre-integrated skin BRDF texture.

This BRDF Texture is made in linear colorspace.

This Texture is made in gamma colorspace
(It process gamma correct after texture generation).

linear colorspace texture(left) uncheck sRGB. It is linear texture.
gamma colorspace texture(right) check sRGB.

And I draw texture. (Unity rendering setting set linear colorspace)
It looks similar. but,Compare

Left zoom in. It has color banding.compare2

So, If you wanna high quality skin rendering, use gamma space BRDF texture.
>>> download: 1024×1024 Size Skin BRDF Texture on Gamma Colorspace



SIGGRAPH 2011- Pre-Integrated Skin Shading

Pre-integrated Skin BRDF Texture in Colorspace”의 1개의 생각

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